Thursday, November 16, 2006


So the Chinese prime minister Hu Jintao is visiting India, this is the first time in ten years that the Indian prime minister and the Chinese prime minister will have talked in ten years. He is coming to talk about boarder disputes and trade relations. It is also, though, a great opportunity for Tibetans to protest the Chinese rule of their country. Right now we are trying to see if we can change our plans a little and make it to Delhi to take part in some peaceful activism.
It has been really eye opening staying here in Dharamsala and living with a family of politcal refugees. Back in the US the Tibet issue seems so far away, but here it is staring at you right in the face. They Chinese have been, and still are, carrying out genocide in Tibet. They are systematically destroying all of the Tibetan culture that they can. And the world is just standing aside and watching. As time goes on the US is becoming more and more dependent on China and it looks unlikely that the government will do anything. The Tibetans, though, are some of the strongest people I have ever met. The Chinese overwhelm them in shere numbers and economic power. The only reason that the issue is still around is the strength of these people.


Dad said...


I am not comfortable with this idea because you are a foreigner in a foreign country a guest, this is their fight. I applaud each of you with your big hearts and overflowing compassion that you are feeling for the Tibetan people but you can show support in other ways other than participating in their day of protest. While it is quite appropriate to support a cause you believe in and are passionate about but I don't think it is correct to participate physically while being a foreigner. May I suggest that you and your group put up the money to rent a bus for the Tibetans or help make signs or write a letter of protest and send it to the appropriate governments etc... I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of the young girl in Israel that was mowed down by a bulldozer in the Gaza Strip. She was protesting and stood in front of an oncoming dozer heading to tear down a house she didn't move and it ran right over her, in the States the dozer would have stopped but in a foreign country you don't know what will happen. You have been in India only two months and are visiting on a student visa you are a guest in their county. Consider if you were arrested or deported, you stand out in a crowd...

Peace and Love to you Jesse and please consider my thoughts.


Jesse said...

While I may be a guest in this country, the protest is sanctioned by the Indian government. I would not be going against my host. This activity is not about India, it is about Chinese leadership. I will do what I can even if I don't attend the actual demonstration.