Thursday, October 05, 2006

An Update On Various Illnesses

We've all been having a great time in India, despite the fact that at least half the group has been sick more than half the time we've been here. You heard (if you read the blog) about the vomitous cavern that was the Chube Guest House, but living with an actually family adds a whole new twist. So two nights ago I was enjoying a nice sleap in my home stay supposedly fully recovered from my run in with the Chube. Then all of a sudden I wake up at three AM. "Oh man, I think I may have to throw up," I thought, "In fact, yes I do. All right, how the hell do I get out of this damn sleaping bag." Seriously, it's like a chinese finger trap, you can't get out of that thing when you most want to. I finally got out but that bath room was way too far away. My options were limited, but I stand by my decision. I made a dash for the potted plants in my room. I filled one up and then moved to the next. But that wasn't so bad, it's what the next night brought that's the winner. With that throw up came some diareah. Not so bad unless you again find yourself trapped in your sleaping bag in the middle of the night. I made it out and grabbed my roll of TP and my headlamp. I ran as quickly as I could to the Ladakhi toilet, which by the way is a hole in the floor. I whipped down my pants as quickly as I could, just in time. But unfortunately in my hurry my TP slipped from my hand...down the hole. I was left with a dilemma. I seriously don't know how my family wipes, there's not even a bucket of water or some newspaper clippings. With no rocks in sight I made the best of my limited options. I ran bare-assed back to my room and stock of extra TP. I'm pretty sure no one saw me, but one can never possitive when most of the family lives on that floor and windows are not a sparse commodity. Anyway, I hope all is well at home and I look forward to more fun Indian adventures.


mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!! Wow, you'll never forget October 8, 2006 trekking in India on your 19th birthday! I hope it's a beautiful day, full of interesting sights and people! Wish I could give you a birhtday hug! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Bab! HAPPY BIRTDAY! I'm sorry that you've been so sick, get better soon! I'm sure you're having fun anyways. Your trip sounds so amazing and I can't wait to hear more about it. I love you!

Dad said...

Janam Din ki badhai! (Happy Birthday in Hindi) What a great place to celebrate your 19th birthday! I love how you take life by the horns and do it your way. I love you, Dad

Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! We hope you are over the illness and can celebrate your day in India. Your trip sounds like every day is a new experience and an adventure. Enjoy!! GM says "wash your hand frequently"!
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday bro! For your special day I hope your friends deliver your toilet paper directly to you in the outhouse.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you're feeling better. It sounds like you're having an amazing trip. I'm sure that your having an amazing birthday in India. Love you, Chris

Anonymous said...

shit i missed it, i saw it and i knew i should have said it early because i was going to forget and i did. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude.

Anonymous said...

above is from harvey

Austin said...

Happy Belated Birthday friend! Kids here in London all loved the toilet paper predicament. It's great that your keeping us posted dude, we all appreciate it. Hope all is going well and you are feeling a bit better by now. Can't wait to see you at the end of our respective journies.

Jon said...

Hey Jesse
Happy birthday. Sorry I'm a day late. Hopefully you have gotten over the runs for your birthday. I'm sure your trek will epic. It is starting to snow here. How about you?

pat said...

happy birthday! it sounds like you are having an awesome time in India. what a great birthday present! i hope you have a spectacular trek. love ya, Pat

Anonymous said...

dude, i missed your birthday. but i didnt know about this site till today. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
i miss you.
im still wearin ur bracelet and the day you left. i had this dream about you.
i dunno i will talk to you about it later.
I belive that if i get into a deep enough trance i can talk to you threw dreams. so i will talk to you soon my brother.

Aaron Lindstrom said...

i miss you so much jesse!
i could hear you telling that story.
oh man, college here is SO awesome. its just what i need in life. I am growing strongly in spirituality and i know that if i get in a deep enough trance, i can talk to you in dreams. So i will talk to you soon.
Your brother/best friend,
Aaron L

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse. Raksha , my Indian friend, and I were just looking at your blog. Happy Birthday...She says your natural malaria medicine switch was a good idea. Her husband gets sick when they go there, too, especially in summer! Lindsey is keeping things in check for you at WWU. She loves it! Take care and happy Trekking! Love, Sue

Anonymous said...

how amazing - you seem so positive through some potentially miserable times! Sounds like you are reallly in a great element right now. I love hearing your stories & hope you continue to notice & embrace it all!! Cheers to you cousin & you next stories too :)
Love ~ Torey Anne
looks like Happy late Bday too!