Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gil Shohat

Here's that video I was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Hey Baby, it's Andrew. That video was insane man, i hope you're keeping up with your tabla as well. I was just thinking, do you remember that site you were talking to me about, where people submit short stories and stuff? i forgot the site, but i want to check it out. have you and jordan figured out something to do in the spring yet, or are you both still working on it? hope all is well in india my man, namaste.

Kath said...

Love hearing about your experience, the work with the kids sounds especially gratifying, gives new meaning to the Handel chorus, 'For unto us a child is born" The repetitive structure reminds us, in a very universal sense, they are all born to us. Merry Christmas, lots of love from London.

Chandler Branch said...

Gil Shohat is super talented! I had opportunity to see his talent at work in connection with the premiere of a piece of sacred music that Soli Deo Gloria commissioned from him - an oratorio on the subject of David and Bathsheba. He did such a fantastic job with the assignment! Bravo, Gil!!