Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (even though I wasn't there). The internet has been really shoddy here so excuse me for my lack of communication. I've been having a great time here at Railay beach (I think the picture just about sums it up). It's one of the most beautiful places that I've ever had to privelidge to visit. Today I went scuba diving for the first time, it was amazing. Apparently I swam right next to a shark, but I didn't notice. I hear it wasn't too big anyway, though. We're going again tomorrow and I'm super excited. The rock climbing here is also amazing. Just a short walk from our bungalow is Phra Nang beach which has some really nice bouldering. It's too bad that God chose the one winter I'm away from home to make a ton of snow, but since I can't ski here, you all should ski twice as much. I'll be here in the South for a couple days after new years and then I'm heading up to Chieng Mai to go try and be a monk. Happy New Years.
P.S. I hope all you fellow G-LABers our now adjusted well and enjoying being home drinking tap water and eating beef and all that cool stuff you get to do at home. Love you all and I miss you all.


Marybeth said...

Happy new year, Jesse. I've been reading about the explosions in Bangkok and the injuries caused. I hope you are ok and that you were travelling in other parts of Thailand, or were back in India, when these blasts occurred. Be safe this new year, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday before you get back to volunteering. Aloha, Marybeth

Jesse said...

Hey thanks for your concern Marybeth, I'm in the south of Thailand right now so I'm OK. I was almost going to be in Bangkok for New Years so I guess I can count myself lucky. I hope everyone had/is having a good time bringing in the New Years at home.

Dad said...

Happy New Year, I am happy to hear you stayed in Railey Beach and out of Bangkok for New Years. I hope you had a great visit with Shannon and her family, Railey beach sure looks like a nice place to be. Stay safe and keep us posted... Love you, Dad