Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So far this city has been great. All the old British taxis and architecture create a feel different than any other Indian city. Today I went with Rosalie and her friend to a hospital that she works with. It's a children's hospital for kids who need orthopedic surgery. It was really fun, all the kids were so happy to see us. We read them a Christmas childrens story (in English, Hindi and Bangali). Then they all dressed up as raindeer, elfs etc. They all got presents from a donor in Holland. It was pretty fun. In Delhi I didn't see a single Christmas decoration, but here it seems as though it is a fairly popular holiday. There are fake trees and snowmen for sale on the street. It's going to be great volunteering at these places, after about a week of shadowing a teacher I'll start taking lessons of my own. Right now I'm just killing time until I have to leave for the airport in about three hours. I've already checked out of my hotel so I'll probably just go find a nice place to read.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, Greetings from Bainbridge Island. It's so interesting to have a little view into the life and adventures you are having on the other side of the world... We will be hosting the family at our house for a holiday gathering tomorrow. We will all be thinking of you and sending love your way. Happy New Year to you and your fellow travelers.... Jenny