Monday, January 22, 2007

Art Museum

Yesterday, when I went to go find this Idiyas Art Gallery I ran into a typical day in India. After locating the phone number of the gallery (which turned out to be a mobile phone) and then finding someone who spoke Hindi to take down directions to get there (of which the best I could get was the general area and "then look around.") I got into an ancient yellow taxi. He dropped me in the appropriate area and I located the street the gallery was supposedly on without too much difficulty. I walked the whole street, but saw no sign for a gallery, so I double checked the address: 15 Dover Lane. OK, I'll look at the street signs and find 15. 15 had a massive metal gate across the drive way, but a tiny little door about maybe 3 and a half feet tall. So naturally I got down and crawled through. Inside the gate I found a group of Indian men playing cards on the ground and a security guard. So I asked him about the gallery that was supposedly here. He didn't speak any English, but seemed to understand "gallery." So he took me to a small, unmarked, locked apartment. He opened the door and turned on the lights, and what do you know, there was the gallery. Keep in mind that the gallery was listed as being open every day of the week in the newspaper. Then after an utterly hopeless conversation with the guard, the unspoken agreement was that I could see the gallery if he got to follow a meter behind me and stare at me the whole time. It worked out and he even let me take some pictures. I particularly like the one of the alleyway. Anyway, that's how it works in India, you get what you want, but it's not necessarily how you expect it.


kath said...

Hey Jesse,

Too bad the the movie title "The Year of Living Dangerously" has already been taken or you and Austin could use it as the title of your "How To" Book for Prospective Gappers (Subtitled:" How To Finance Your College Education by Publishing a Book About the Risks, Rewards, Realities of Exploring How the Other Half Lives.") Okay, the title needs a liitle work, and I'm guessing only about one percent of the population will know the "other half" refers to the southern hemishere but you guys can sort that.
I'd buy the book, though, so would your mom so thats two more advance sales than many authors have, and you two will have more to say, plus you can both actually write.
I have this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt in my kitchen that says "Do one every day that scares you" I just think of the two of you and that pretty much covers that directive for another 24 hours. Its been quite a ride, from what I've read so far; well done. Before you both get off, perhaps you'd like to meet us in Sarawak the first week in April. Austin is going hopefully fly to meet us in Borneo (near Micronesia where he hopes to be. ) We've got a bed for you if you can make it. It will be really hot there, but now you have the perfect hair cut for tropical climates, so no worries.
Stay safe. Perhaps we'll see you in Sarawak.
xox Kath, Bill, "B,C,D"

kath said...

I meant eastern hemishere, duh