Friday, January 05, 2007


So tomorrow I'm becoming a Thai Buddhist monk. The ceremony is about two hours long, necessitates the presence of fifteen monks, includes me reciting two and a half pages of Sanskrit and having my entire head and face (including eye brows, but I hope not the lashes) shaved. Other than that I don't know what else really happens. I also don't really know what it's going to be like to be a monk, but in the very least I get to keep my robes which, in my opinion, are quite cool. I won't be able to go on the email or update you all untill about the 16th, but I'm sure I'll know a lot more about being a monk then and can tell you all about it. Because I'd been studying Tibetan Buddhism in India I am pretty excited to see how it differs from Thai Buddhism. The differences should be fairly great as the Tibetan variety is really tantric and Thai is very bare bones (or so I think it is). Anyway I'll talk to you you all in about a week and a half after I've achieved enlightenment.


bethany said...

a buddhist monk eh? hope all goes well!

Austin said...

Best of luck with the monk thing bro