Saturday, January 20, 2007


By now I'm getting into the swing of things here in Calcutta. My first two days volunteering have been great. On friday I went to the Calcutta Rescue School to help teach a class of 20 kids. It was really fun, they were all street kids living in the nearby park, but they were all so happy and fun to be around. I'll be volunteering there on every friday. Then yesterday (saturday) I went to the home for mentally retarded young adults. They were all 15-25 year olds. This was another really fun day. Every lesson is designed to stimulate gross and fine motor skills as well as language usage. The lesson yesterday was on frogs and included a number of activities including a role play and making paper frogs. Today is my free day, so I think I'm going to go visit some art galeries and see some modern Indian art. Pictured: My chai shop where I stop every morning to read the newspaper and drink one or three cups of chai.

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