Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chiang Mai

This morning Jordan and I arrived in Chiang Mai, the city in which I was ordained. We've been wondering around the city and visited my old monastery. As far as getting into Myanmar from here, though, the future doesn't look so bright. Even though we'd been told by a government tourist agency that we could enter Myanmar from Chiang Rai (northeast of Chiang Mai) everyone here is saying that if you go in that way you can only stay for one day and that to actually enter the country you must fly to Yangoon. Well, we haven't yet figured out if this is the complete truth, but either way we're going trekking for the next few days in the highlands of northern Thailand. It should be real fun: hiking, rafting, elephants. After that the plan is that we'll head to the border and see for ourselves if we can get in or not. Worse case scenario is that we would have to go back to Bangkok and then fly into Myanmar. But the good part is that everyone we've met that has been to this illusive country have said that it's worth all the trouble it takes to get in and that they plan to return there sometime.

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