Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trekking in Northern Thailand

Jordan and I just back from our three day trek today; it was entirely awesome. On the first day we drove for about 2 hours and then hiked in the jungle for about four or five hours, but mostly all uphill. We spent the night in a hill tribe village in this beautiful bamboo hut. The next day was pretty easy, we only walked for a few hours, but we went swimming at a waterfall to cool off. The last day was awesome. We hiked for a while and then we rode elephants for about an hour. Riding the elephants was so much fun, they're way more comfortable than camels. We'd go up and down these steep parts and you just thought you were going to fall off, but somehow no one did. After that we went river rafting. It was white water rafting, but it's hot season and there's not so much water right now. It was super fun although Jordan and I think we might have to go back to Chiang Mai to raft again in May when the water should be a lot higher. Then we rode bamboo rafts down the rest of the river where it was calm. Altogether there were about ten of us trekking together. It was a really fun way to meet other people.
Now we're going to hang out in Chiang Mai for a while, try to explore the city a little bit, hopefully on bicycles. Then we will go and see about getting into Burma at Chiang Rai. It looks like if we enter at Chiang Rai we will still have to fly a domestic flight within the country, so we're looking at all of our options right now and deciding which is cheapest. It was definitely worth the bus ride up here just to go trekking, though, even if we have to go back down to Bangkok to fly to Burma.

And now for some snaps:

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