Thursday, March 01, 2007

Darjeeling and Family

I was so very lucky to be able to have my parents and Chris and Pat to come visit me in the past couple weeks. We had great time going around Kolkata, seeing some sights and the hospital I volunteered at. They were amazed (as everyone is) of the crazy nature this country, but they made it through a few days in the city and we headed up north to Darjeeling. We had a really relaxing, nice, time up in the foothills of the Himalayas. After a few days Jordan made it up (after his flights had been reserved, purchased, cancelled, rescheduled, delayed, and finally departed) to meet us. We went on a really nice two day trek of which Christopher should most definately post pictures for everyone to see. After the sad goodbye, Jordan and I hopped on a train down to Varanasi. We were able to completely surprise our old group leader Tracy and also Amit and Sangamitra, our Delhi and Varanasi coordinators. Holi, the Hindu festival of colors is on Sunday and in the meantime I've started up tabla lessons again. It great to be back here and see some friends. After Holi we'll go back down to Calcutta and fly to bangkok; from there we plan to make a swift exit into Myanmar.

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Amelia said...

Wish I could have been there with the rest of the fam! Glad you guys had fun. Are you still planning on coming back to NYC in May?